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Viper Blast Cabinet (Siphon)

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The Viper is a freestanding side loading cabinet with 8-inch diameter work ports for ease of operation. The Viper is a larger version of the Space Saver model that uses the same 11.6 cfm @ 80 psi gun assembly found in the smaller bench top Hobby Blast.

The Viper includes two side access doors that allow it to fit into any shop floor plan using right or left operation similar to a refrigerator door. You can use any shop vacuum for the required machine dust collector or purchase the Media Blast VAC-110 cartridge collector complete with an abrasive separator reclaimer and 120 cfm blower with silencer.

Always compare machine features to ensure your money has been well spent.

All Viper units include:

  • 100% welded construction, no spot-welded cabinets
  • Abrasive mixing valve, eliminates erratic blast patterns
  • Foot operated blast gun, trigger guns are large and awkward inside smaller cabinets
  • Safety glass window, easy to scratch plastic is no substitute for safety-glass
  • Vacuum collector electrical outlet, one switch operates the machine and your vacuum dust collector.

Use any industrial shop vacuum for the dust collector or purchase the optional Media Blast VAC- 110 complete with abrasive separator reclaimer, 110 square foot cartridge filter, 120 cfm vacuum blower and blower silencer Blower Silencer Definition


  • 14 Gauge CRS Construction
  • 100% Welded Construction Definition: 100% Welded Construction blast cabinet
  • Catalyst Paint
  • 2-Side Access Doors
  • Laminated Safety Glass Window
  • Abrasive Mixing Valve Definition: Abrasive Mixing Valve
  • Air Regulator - Filter - Water trap
  • Foot Operated Blast Valve Definition: Foot Operated Blast Valve
  • Outside Light Housing with 200 Watts of Lighting
  • 8" Diameter Work Ports with gloves
  • Perforated Metal Work Grates
  • Tungsten Carbide Definition: Tungsten Carbide Blast Nozzle, Standard
  • Flexible blast hose for small cabinets
  • 120-Volt Electrical with vacuum collector outlet
  • Shop Vacuum Hose Outlet Fitting
The above features are included on every Viper machine. Additional Optional Features listed are available at an additional cost. Any Option listed in Underlined Blue Italic is available as bolt on and can be added to house inventory prior to machine shipment. Other options listed are available but require a custom machine work order and may increase machine delivery time.

When viewing Machine Specifications, Models noted with Underlined Blue Italic are shipped from house inventory.

House Inventory includes Shipping Weight with Model Number – All machines shipped Freight Collect unless prior arrangements have been made.


Viper Blast Cabinet

Separator ReclaimerThe difference is in the design ... Purchase the optional VAC-110 dust collector and Media Blast will install the vacuum separator reclaimer for free. A separator reclaimer is used to clean the abrasive and prevent abrasive escape into the dust collector.

Other Available Options:

  • Inline Ambient Air Dryer Definition: Ambient Air Dryer
  • Glass Window Protector; installed Definition: Glass Window Protector
  • Static Electricity Discharge Kit Definition: Static Discharge Kit
  • Installation Kit Definition: Installation Kit
  • 110 Sq.Ft. Vacuum Dust Collector with Separator Reclaimer, Silencer and 120 cfm Vacuum Blower
  • Viper HD Definition: HD Kit Kit allows the unit to be converted to the Viper HD. Includes 350 cfm 1/2hp blower… 350 cfm separator reclaimer and Tubular Dust Collector and Dust Pail

Viper (Siphon Blast Cabinet)

MODEL Viper (275 pounds)
42”W x 24”D x 23”H
Side Door: 20" x 19”H
OVERALL 47"W x 26"D x 64"H
DUST COLLECTOR Customer Supplied Industrial Shop Vacuum or Optional VAC-110
COMPRESSED AIR 11.6 cfm @ 80 PSI

Optional VAC-110 Vacuum Dust Collector

Optional VAC-110 Vacuum Dust Collector

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