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Abrasive Mixing Valve

What is the abrasive mixing valve and why would you want to purchase any machine that doesn't have one?

The abrasive mixing valve is used to meter the amount of abrasive entering the abrasive delivery hose. A properly adjusted abrasive mixing valve will eliminate all abrasive delivery surge and also allow re-adjustment when the abrasive wears down and becomes smaller.

The abrasive you start with is not the same size as the abrasive you end up with! As you use any abrasive, it wears and the particles get smaller in size creating a real need for Mixing Valve adjustment.

Do not confuse this item with air regulator controls that regulates the machines blasting pressure.

Machines without mixing valves, or machines without quality mixing valves, will never be capable of any fine adjustment required for the wide variety of abrasive sizes in the industry today.

In order to produce minimum part cleaning time,  each different abrasive size must be set allowing for the most abrasive inside the abrasive hose for the suction air conveying the media inside the hose.  If the machine has no mixing valve it would be the same as a car with only one carburetor size.  As the motors change in size, as the abrasive being used differs in type or maybe the altitude changes for the fuel mixture so will the need for changing the amount of abrasive media inside the delivery hose.

Imagine a saltshaker with only one hole size for all salt sizes ... sea salt or rock salt. Now understand that as you use abrasive it gets smaller and smaller and the rock salt becomes sea salt so having the ability to adjust the flow is really needed and required.  How can one size fits all possibly work, simple, it doesn't!

It really only works for the first few minutes followed by an erratic blast pattern, pulsation and disappointment as the abrasive media gets smaller in size and starts flowing greater amounts into the abrasive hose that does not include the ability to regulate flow.

The abrasive mixing valve is very similar to any carburetor, it makes sure that the amount of gas and air is correct for smooth engine operation.  Too much abrasive in any abrasive hose is like an engine with a choke stuck closed, lots of gas, less air and a very rich erratic idle!

So the next time someone says you don’t need an abrasive mixing valve, indicating that theirs is pre-sized, ask them about the type and size abrasive the valve is set for!

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