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Charger Direct Pressure (Production Blast Cabinet)

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The Charger Direct Pressure model incorporates a 1.0 cubic foot ASME Coded pressure pot attached to the bottom of the blast cabinet hopper. It is designed for production applications with heavy blasting media, steel shot, steel grit and large cutting abrasives. The pressure pot is used to pneumatically push the abrasive media which produces faster abrasive velocities than the typical siphon blast machine.

Operation with heavier blasting media, through hole part blasting, higher abrasive frictional heat and blind-hole cleaning are all advantages when using any Direct Pressure type of blasting cabinet.

The Charger also operates with almost all standard abrasives and standard sizes. The Charger can also be used with larger grains sizes, 16-120 mesh, permitting operation with most plastic abrasives, glass beads and aluminum oxides. Maintaining hopper slope on these larger cabinets is accomplished by using a raised platform.

The Charger is a simple to operate direct pressure machine for production applications. Production operation is best defined by.operation of a blast cabinet daily for 1 hour or more with the nozzle size being another important factor.

In addition even larger optional dust collectors are available to permit even longer daily operation.


  • 12 & 14 Gauge CRS Construction
  • 100% Welded Construction Definition: 100% Welded Construction
  • Catalyst Paint
  • 1.0 Cubic Foot Pressure Vessel, ASME Coded
  • Operator Platform
  • Double Panel Door Construction, no spill
  • Lockable Door Latch
  • Abrasive Mixing Valve
  • Foot Operated Blast Valve
  • Air Regulator-Filter-Water Trap
  • 380 Watts Lighting
  • Safety Plate Glass View Window
  • Window Protector Assembly Definition: Protector Glass
  • Safety Door Interlock
  • 10" Diameter Work Ports
  • Heavy Duty Bar Grate Work Surface
  • Bolt-In Hopper Abrasive Scalper Screen
  • Steel Hopper Wear Plate
  • Bolt-On Machine Hopper, replaceable
  • 1/4" Boron Carbide Blast Nozzle, standard
  • Blow-Off Gun
  • Abrasive Separator Reclaimer Definition: Separator Reclaimer
  • Production Dust Collector:
    • 770 CFM
    • 220 Sq. Ft. Filter Cartridge
    • Hopper Bottom Dust Collector
    • Easy Access Door
    • Filter Cycle Cleaning Gauge
    • Pneumatic Filter Cleaning System
Charger - Direct Pressure Blast Cabinet Shown With Side Door Open

Three Charger models are available, all are a full 36-inches inside cabinet height.

The 3636 Charger is standard with left side mounted dust collector and the 4836 and 4848 are standard with rear mounted dust collector assembly.

Other Available Options:

  • Ambient Dryer, 3 sizes Definition: Ambient Air Dryer
  • Pressure Pot Blow-Down Controls
  • Cabinet Liners, White Polyethylene
  • Steel Hopper Wear Plate, front hopper location
  • Perforated Grate Overlay, 16ga)
  • Fixed Turntable
  • Gun Holding Fixture
  • Flexible Whip Hose
  • Polyester Filter Cartridge Upgrade
  • Blower Exhaust Silencer
  • Optional right side mounted dust collector, additional charge
  • Timed Cartridge Filter Cleaning System
  • Optional Machine Colors, beige or grabber blue
  • Touch up paint kit
  • Static Electricity Grounding Kit Definition: Static Discharge Kit
  • Window Tools

Charger Blast Cabinet w/Door Closed and DC Mounted on Rear
"Special Dust Collector, rear location on 3636 model"

STANDARD MODEL SPECIFICATIONS: Charger (Production Blast Cabinet)

*Crated Wt.
887 Pounds
36"w x 36"d x 36"h
Door: 30" x 28"h
38"d x 52"w x 90"h
220 sq. ft. filter cartridge
770 cfm blower

1045 lbs.

48"w x 36"d x 36"h
Door: 30" x 28"h
52"d x 52"w x 90"h
220 sq. ft. filter cartridge
770 cfm blower

1185 lbs.

48"w x 48"d x 36"h
Door: 39" x 28"h
64"d x 52"w x 90"h
220 sq. ft. filter cartridge
770 cfm blower
* Machines will be shipped freight collect unless prior arrangements are made
The above features are included on every Charger blast cabinet. Additional Optional Features listed are available at an additional cost. Any Option listed in Underlined Blue Italic is available as bolt on and can be added to house inventory prior to machine shipment. Other options listed are available but require a custom machine work order and may increase machine delivery time.

When viewing Machine Specifications, Models noted with Underlined Blue Italic are shipped from house inventory.

House Inventory includes Shipping Weight with Model Number – All machines shipped Freight Collect unless prior arrangements have been made.

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Standard Color: Glacier White   Optional Colors: Beige Grabber Blue
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