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Blast Cabinet Buying Guide - Step 2

INSTRUCTIONS: Read each machine key description and choose the machine type correct for your application. Click the photo or term link located on this page and it will take you to the website literature complete with term description pop-up definitions. Use the Thumbnail sketch to help with the selection process.

» Choose between Media Blast Direct Pressure models, Micro or Macro

Siphon Blast Cabinet

3030 Savage (Micro)

The 3030 Savage is a direct pressure blast machine designed for operation using smaller air compressors. Often the only electrical power source available for compressor operation is limited to 220 volt, single-phase. This also limits the compressor cfm output to a maximum of about 25 cfm @ 100 psi and a more commonly found compressor volume of 16-19 cfm. Most direct pressure machines operate using larger nozzle sizes that make the operation with smaller nozzle sizes next to impossible because the machine controls are just too cumbersome.

The 3030 Savage includes smaller designed abrasive flow controls and hoses that allow a much easier and user-friendly machine operation. The 550 cfm dust collector, operates on negative pressure with 110 square feet of filter cartridge that cleans with reverse pulse compressed air to nearly HEPA quality standards. The dust collector includes hopper bottom dust storage and an exhaust blower silencer.

The pot is ASME coded and the nearly HEPA quality dust collector makes operation of this unit possible when limited floor space is an issue. Look to the Savage for a machine that offers industrial quality features along with a design for smaller nozzle sizes that use the direct pressure abrasive delivery system...this is not a toy!


Siphon Blast Cabinet

Charger (Macro)

Direct Pressure machines use a Pressure Pot to pneumatically push the abrasive during the  blasting process.  Direct Pressure machines can operate with very large and very heavy abrasives, i.e. steel shot and steel grit.
Direct Pressure machines can also be used to push abrasive into blind hole cavities and through internal passages.

While most abrasives can be destroyed using standard compressor line pressures, the direct pressure machines can creates the fastest abrasive velocity and the greatest frictional heat during processing. 
Strongly recommended for difficult coating removal, heavy abrasives and I.D. hole cleaning.

The Charger is available in many sizes for full scale production and can also be purchased with the upgraded dust collector for the most demanding applications.

Choose the Charger when faster cleaning time is important and compressed air supply is sufficient.
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