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Blast Cabinet Buying Guide - Step 2

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Light Duty Cabinets

Light Duty Cabinets are normally used infrequently. They are generally used with glass beads for the removal and cleaning of parts with light paint or rust. The ability of the blasting process to prepare a part for a better finish is always more important than the time it takes to prepare the part. They are normally operated on 16 cfm of compressed air or less and usually used by the "Buyer User" for a one man shop or small parts cleaning on a non-production basis.

Most units that are sold in this market today do not include 100% welded cabinets, safety glass windows, foot operated blast controls, abrasive mixing control valves or abrasive separator reclaimers, ALL MEDIA BLAST MACHINES DO!


Shop Standard Blast Cabinet

Shop Standard Cabinets

Shop Standards offer larger cabinets and are ideal for R&D work and-or maintenance applications.  This kind of equipment is useful because of the large cabinet sizes available and the larger abrasive gun size.  The lower machine cost and less costly non-production dust collector are also what makes this model right for any non-production applications.

Shop Standards typically use 20-25 cfm of compressed air and should be considered for larger NON-PRODUCTION parts.  For daily usage of any blast machine above 1 hour, always consider a production model machine.  The size of the cabinet and the size of the cfm gun used should be compatible.  A large cabinet size with a small gun size simply doesn’t work well but is offered in the industry as what is called a “Sight Seller”.

Sight sellers are machines with larger cabinets, smaller cfm usage and are often found unacceptable and disappointing after purchase.

Media Blast Shop Standards are available in four (4) cabinet sizes.


Production Blast Cabinet


Production Siphon cabinets include a dust collector with at least 200 square feet of dust collector filter surface area.  Production cabinets also use blowers that produce 20-30 air changes per minute inside the cabinet for cabinet visibility.  The dust collector should be easily serviceable with hopper bottom construction and negative pressure that includes a semi-automatic filter surface cleaning assembly.  Almost all are constructed with the blower on the clean side of the dust collector filter.

All Media Blast production siphon units include abrasive separator reclaimers, abrasive media mixing valves, safety glass view windows, foot operated blast controls and 100% welded cabinet construction.

Production cabinets are operated on a daily basis and operate with an abrasive gun size up to 100 cfm for fast processing.  Production cabinets also offer the largest quantity of sizes and machine option add-ons.

The smaller the space the more need there is for cleaner dust collector construction.

A smaller gun size can be installed into all production type units but a larger gun size cannot be installed into a lighter duty type unit.

Faster cleaning...larger guns...cleaner operation...larger cabinets…better visibility are all reasons for anyone to choose a production model!

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